Paris Hilton’s ‘Stars Are Blind’ Gets the ‘Pop-Up Video’ Treatment [VIDEO]

Back in 2006, before anyone had been brainwashed into thinking they had to keep up with the Kardashians, all the paparazzi cameras were trained on a different vacuous former sex-tape-starring famewhore — Paris Hilton.

So someone somewhere decided that since she was “famous,” that meant she could sing too!

It was a very dark time.

She released a single called “Stars Are Blind” and, as a testament to the power of auto-tune and good producers, the damned thing did pretty well — certainly better than Kim Kardashian’s horrific single “Jam (Turn It Up)” did.

So while Paris may be weeping bitter tears about the fact that Kim now wears the Crown of Inexplicable Fame, she’ll always be able to spit “My single was number one in Slovakia, bitch!” at Kim during a bar-fight that’s bound to happen someday.

Anyway, the video for “Stars Are Blind” was a black-and-white montage of Paris being Paris and writhing around on the beach with a hot guy and people tried really hard to make it look like maybe Herb Ritts was involved, because he was respectable and shot gorgeous photos and video.

Fast-forward to 2011. Paris Hilton is not just yesterday’s news, she’s the news if you time-traveled back a millennium or so because now we’re all twitchy ADD-riddled consumers who simply don’t stay focused on one thing for more than a few seconds at a time so someone who was famous just a year ago might as well have lived in Biblical times.

And that’s where the geniuses at VH1’s “Pop-Up Video” come in.

They gave the “Stars Are Blind” clip their own brand of snarky humor, paying homage to Paris’s scandalous past and providing the standard behind-the-scenes facts and commentary about the video shoot itself.


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