Paris Hilton Takes Responsibility For The Kardashians

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian were super close friends when Kardashian was still a celebrity closet organizer and Hilton was super famous. This was all way before Kardashian had all of her “alleged” plastic surgeries that turned her from looking like Jafar to the real doll look that she’s got going on now.

Still, she was a hanger-on to one of the most famous women on the planet and now Paris Hilton is taking credit for inspiring Kim Kardashian’s rise to fame.

Page Six reports:

The blond heiress agreed with a recent comment suggesting the Kardashian brand wouldn’t exist today without her paving the way.

“It’s nice to inspire people,” the 34-year-old DJ told Yahoo Style. “We’ve known each other since we were little girls, we’ve always been friends.”

Their relationship has been well documented over the years.

Mrs. West, 34, worked for Hilton as her personal assistant and stylist before breaking out. “So yeah, I’m really proud of her and what she’s done,” Hilton politely said during her interview.

That statement seems somewhat polite of Hilton, considering that they were rumored to be feuding for the longest time. Paris Hilton paved the way for Kim Kardashian to follow in her footsteps in that she released a sex tape and then Kardashian’s was “leaked”. Still, apparently Hilton is very proud of her protege and everything that her sex tape did for their family. I’m guessing that last part was implied because Hilton doesn’t want any ill will from Kardashian in the media.

Paris Hilton has calmed down a lot in the news since Kim Kardashian rose to fame. Instead of saying that we wished Hilton would go away, it’s now Kardashian of which the news has become inundated.

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