Paris Hilton Swine Flu Confusion — “I Don’t Eat Pork”


Today’s WTF Moment is brought to you by Paris Hilton.

The notoriously ditzy heiress was left shamefaced this week after her most recent public blonde moment revealed her utter ignorance regarding the global outbreak of swine flu.

According to

“While the rest of America is freaking out about the swine flu outbreak, Paris Hilton has been happily living her life without any concern about the illness. When paps asked Miss P if she had heard about the swine flu, she said she doesn’t eat pork.”

As most intelligent folks understand, while swine flu is a form of influenza most often transmitted between pigs, humans cannot get swine flu by eating pork products, the potentially fatal virus is spread by human to human contact.

Jesus Take The Wheel….Is it safe to assume that Paris isn’t a member of MENSA?

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