Paris Hilton Lesbian Romance With Paris Pickard: Paris Hilton Paris Pickard Dating

Lesbo Herpes Ho has new trick. Rumored bisexual Paris Hilton may be getting some real-life practice for her upcoming role on Showtime’s lesbian hit The L Word. The twenty-six year old heiress is reportedly involved in a secret same sex romance with twenty-two year old aspiring film director Paris Pickard. Paris and Paris-how cute will that look on their Commitment Ceremony Invitations?

The two P’s have been spied tonguing each other down at several lesbian clubs around Hollywood.

“The relationship has been going on a little over two months, and while Paris P. would love the relationship to be exclusive, the feeling isn’t mutual,” a mole reveals to The National Enquirer.

“Paris P. feels she has a special bond with Paris Hilton, but the two women had a huge fight about fidelity, and Paris H. told Paris P. that she’d like to keep dating her, but that she’d have to be OK with her being very flirtatious.”

“The bottom line is monogamy-be it with a man or woman-simply isn’t in the cards right now for Paris Hilton.”

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