Paris Hilton Joe Pesci Diss; Paris Hilton Confuses “Goodfellas” “The Godfather” During Joe Pesci Conversation

Paris Hilton mixed up the classic gangster films Goodfellas and The Godfather during a conversation with actor Joe Pesci. How can you confuse Goodfellas with The Godfather? Both are excellent films, but they weren’t even released in the same decade, and, with the exception of the mob connection, feature entirely different storylines. Plus Goodfellas kind of owns The Godfather, don’t you think?

It all started when Paris approached Joe at LA’s Mr Chow restaurant and told him: “I loved you in The Godfather.” Joe politely thanked her, but suggested that she might be confusing the gangster classic with Goodfellas, for which Joe won an Oscar at the 1990 Academy Awards for his role as gun-toting big mouth Tommy DeVito.

“Joe Pesci is one of the greatest actors of our time. And he was literally speechless when Paris advised him to do another mainstream movie.”

“But Paris clearly didn’t have a clue about his legendary silverscreen ­status. The room gnawed their fists in a collective cringe.”

“It was just another example of Paris’s giant ego and tiny brain.”

“But unintentionally she put a smile on Pesci’s face as he left the restaurant. He thought she was funny.”

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