Paris Hilton “Drunk Text” Music Video Going Viral

Did someone say hot mess? It’s been a while since Paris Hilton has forced us to clutch our pearls, stuff our ears and reach for the nearest bottle of Brain Bleach all at once.

We suppose the return of such gestures was long overdue.

The former First Lady of Reality TV is heating up the Interwebs wit a new music video titled “Drunk Text” — which the breathy celebutante rap-talks her way over the thumping beat of obnoxious techno music.

Uh-huh, it’s about as appealing as it sounds.

On the track, Paris coos:

“It’s a hot mess of misspelled obscentities, body parts and run-on questions/I’m not sure what he means to ask. It’s just a drunk text.”

Yep, sounds like future Grammy-winning material, for certain.

The video was released on Thursday, but was quickly yanked offf YouTube for a copyright claim by Black Hole Recordings. Of course, that didn’t stop many a Goss Gawker rom completely tearing it to pieces.

Hilton released her self-titled debut album in 2006. She recently promised MTV an upcoming album that will be comprised of “the most incredible tracks.”


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