Paris Hilton Denies Stealing Miranda Kerr Dress Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Paris Hilton is hitting back at allegations that she swiped a dress from Australian Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr as revenge over the model’s recent split with Paris’ BFF Brandon Davis. The heiress says the theft encounter never happened.

Miranda recently posted on her blog: “I was standing by my clothes and she goes, ‘I want that dress,’ and she pointed to my dress … and she stole it,” Miranda wrote. According to the catwalker, karma bit Paris in the butt when Naomi Campbell strolled in at the last second and the event planners ripped the gown from the heiress, giving it to Naomi, which left Paris red-faced and outfitless.

On the flipside:

“I was with Larry King in Las Vegas for a cancer fund-raiser,” Paris tells Page Six. “I helped raise over $100,000 for the event!”

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