Paris Hilton Credit Card Rejected @ Bed Bath & Beyond


Buzz on The Snitch Circuit claims Paris Hilton and BF Doug Reinhardt found themselves running a little low on cash during a recent shopping trip to Bed Bath & Beyond.

According to The Globe, Paris and Doug spent a day stocking up on pillows, towels, sheets, toothbrushes, and other household must-haves for their new rented mansion in the Hollywood Hills late last month. The couple had reportedly filled eight shopping carts with new items for their home by the time they finally made it to the checkout. Unfortunately, neither celeb had enough cash and credit between them to cover the $7,000 bill!

“She ended up paying for half, and went back the next day for the rest,” says a witness.

I don’t know what’s more unbelievable about this story, the fact that Paris might actually shop at Bed Bath & Beyond or that Doug didn’t reach into his own wallet and try to pick up the tab!

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