Paris Hilton OscarParis Hilton is supposedly getting serious about acting…..ok. The hotel heiress, who ran out of gas in California last weekend and had to be helped out by a bunch of strange photographers, is eyeing a big name for herself with a role in the upcoming film “The Hottie and the Nottie.” (Insert smart ass remark here) What a charming title.

Of course the Academy will just be shoving an Oscar at Paris in this role as a super hot chick who won’t tie the knot until her frumpy friend finally lands a man. Paris is so serious about professional acting that she’s learning the art by reading the insightful “The Power of the Actor.”

Paris told “Hello” Mag, “I’m serious about acting and I have a bunch of movies lined up.” Doing what exactly, P.H? “I think I can become a good actress,” she goes on. “It’s something I want to prove to myself and to other people. I feel I’m getting better and feeling more confident about what I can do as an actress.” Well more power to ya, but perhaps someone should tell P that what she and Rick were doing on that grainy green and black video a few years back doesn’t count as “acting.”

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