“Paranoid & Fearful” Amanda Bynes Kicked Out Of Hollywood?

Child star curse strikes again?

Paranoia and a failure to hold onto the fame of her childhood and early teens may have forced Amanda Bynes into early retirment, The Daily Beast reports.

Bynes appeared in several Nickelodeon shows in the mid-to-late 90s and early 2000s, including a starring role on The Amanda Show — once described by The New York Times as a “pint-sized Saturday Night Live.” But the ex-What I Like About You star made headlines this week when she announced on Twitter that she would be retiring from acting at the age of 24. Despite Bynes’ declaration that she is simply bored with Hollywood, Tinseltown tipsters claim Amanda’s demise is a classic case of Hollywood dumping a fallen star.

Although a rep for the star denies it, Bynes was reportedly dropped from the cast of the upcoming Farrelly Brothers comedy, Hall Pass, starring Owen Wilson and Christina Applegate, because of odd behavior on-set.

The source said the actress was paranoid and fearful on the set of the film and her behaviour was so bizarre the filmmakers could not work with her. The Farrellys allegedly kept the cameras running when Bynes was exhibiting odd behaviour in case she decided to sue them for breach of contract.

In addition, Bynes’ friends and parents have expressed concern about the star after her excessive “oversharing” on Twitter. Word on the Streets has it that Bynes’ agents recently held a meeting with the star, urging her to “please get help.”

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