Paparazzi Bloods & Crips Stalking Britney Spears: Bloods & Crips Gangs Join Britney Spears Paparazzi

New developments claim members of the highly-feared Crips and Bloods gangs, notorious for their absolute rule over vast areas of Los Angeles, have infiltrated the throngs of snap-happy paparazzi that have stalked Britney Spears for years.

They are involved in what have been dubbed “drive-by photo-shootings” of the troubled star.

“This new development brings things to a whole new level. Things have been pretty hairy round Britney for a while but now this explains why things have been so cut-throat. You see snappers wielding cameras but how much longer before they carry weapons in their lens bags? Surely it’s only time before blood is shed over Britney.”

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