Pamela Anderson “Save The Chimps In Florida” Campaign


Pamela Anderson is campaigning to free chimpanzees kept in captivity in the State of Florida.

The former Baywatch babe has teamed up with animal rights allies at PETA to pen an open letter to Florida Governor Charlie Crist, targeting the state’s roadside zoos, where Pamelas claims chimps and other animals are kept in inadequate conditions.

According to Pamela, an chimpanzee attack similar to the one in Connecticut left a woman severly maimed last month, is just waiting to happen.

In the letter to Gov. Crist, Pamela writes: “With so many frustrated great apes stewing in squalid facilities in Florida, it is only a matter of time before a similar tragedy strikes your state. PETA and I appeal to you to take action to prevent Florida’s roadside zoos from keeping great apes and to ensure that these intelligent primates are transferred to approved sanctuaries to live out the remainder of their lives in suitable surroundings.”

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