Pamela Anderson Forced To Seek Restraining Order After Ex’s Anti-Abortion Rants, Accusations Of ‘Baby-Killing’

Pamela Anderson has sought a restraining order to protect her against her soon-to-be ex-husband Rick Salomon, after, it seems, receiving numerous texts and emails from him, accusing her of being a ‘serial baby-killer.’

According to The Spec, emails from Salomon accuse Anderson of begging him to get her pregnant, then having an abortion. They further accuse her of doing the same with former husband Tommy Lee — and, absurdly, berate her for ‘failing to disclose’ this information to him!

(We just discussed on PopCrunch whether you have an obligation to tell your partner how many previous partners you’ve had — but this guy thinks a woman owes him disclosure of previous pregnancies and terminations?)

It’s not just the emails and texts, either — Anderson says her husband tried to strangle and smother her during sex, too.

According to Twitchy, Pamela Anderson made an announcement on her social media accounts last week that she was disappearing.

Bye Bye Twitter, Face Book and Instagram. Nothing personal.

Since then, all of her accounts have been deleted or made private. Anderson didn’t exactly say that this was due to the harassment from her ex, but it’s no stretch to understand that she may have been deliberately shutting down avenues of contact.

According to TMZ, Salomon filed for an annulment last month, saying that he had proof Pam had defrauded him. Pamela’s request for a restraining order offers the first hint of what that ‘fraud’ might’ve been — in one email, he calls her a fraud for eating pork, fish, and shrimp.

There’s no sign that eating seafood and pork is grounds for annulment of a marriage, even if the eater is a major animal rights activist, but combined with Rick’s bizarre electronic harassment, and the various allegations of each against the other, a decree of ‘irreconcilable differences’ might be right in line.

TELL US: Is it ‘fraudulent’ for Pamela Anderson to eat meat and seafood?

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