Khloe Kardashian’s Fur Coat Has Everyone Talking

F*ck Yo Fur!!! Fake fur all day people!! Feb 17, 2014| Source: Anti-fur advocate Khloe Kardashian sent a big message to all behind her with a statement dabbed on her full-length fake-fur coat.

Miranda Barbour: Craigslist Serial Killer?

We smell a Lifetime movie abrewin…Authorities in Pennsylvania are “concerned” after 19-year-old Satanist Miranda Barbour — facing the death penalty, along with her husband, in the murder of a local man — claimed she lured as many as 22 men to their deaths, many of whom she met on Craigslist.

Justin Bieber Leaving Calabasas; Eyeing $11 Million Mansion in Atlanta

We suppose egging your neighbor’s house…allegedly, of course…makes living harmoniously pretty difficult. So it’s no wonder problem-prone pop tart Justin Bieber is unloading his posh pad in Calabasas and taking his talents down south. Literally. Bieber’s reportedly has been scoping out houses in Atlanta, Georgia in a bid to be closer to the city’s thriving…

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