Owen Wilson Kate Hudson Baby


Oh boy. As if the on-again/off-again romance between Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson wasn’t tenuous enough, the trouble-prone lovers are reportedly anxious to add a baby to the mix.

“[Kate’s desperation for another child] was a stumbling block previously with Owen,” a Kate and Owen pal told The Sun last weekend. “He’s always had a difficult time committing, but this time it’s different,” the insider adds.

The volatile relationship between Kate and Owen, which started when the pair met on the set of the 2006 film You, Me, & Dupre, has been plagued by a string of splits and a suicide attempt for Owen.

“They’ve discussed the idea of becoming parents at length and Kate has seen a change in Owen. He is now is truly committed and is showing a new-found maturity. He loves the idea of being a dad and has told Kate that he’s ready when she is, but the sooner, the better!”

“Kate is over the moon and really wants to start a family with Owen now she feels that he has finally grown up… The fact that he is ready to make that commitment to her has given her faith in the relationship,” says the spy.

“Kate’s family are all really behind the relationship as well after seeing how Owen has turned it around… Everyone is now confident the relationship will work out long-term and they will be together forever.”

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