Overweight Kevin Federline Has High-Blood Pressure; Plotting Weight Loss Reality Show With Britney


K-Fed — or “Well-Fed” as he’s known these days — is coming up with some interesting ways to earn some major bread from his expanding waistline.

Britney Spears’ second ex-husband is reportedly so out of shape he can barely walk and carry the former couple’s two sons at the same time, a friend revels in the Sept. 22 print edition of The National Enquirer. At 5-foot-10 and 260 pounds, Kevin’s battle against the bulge — which has been blamed on stress and poor eating habits — has turned into a health crisis for his frightened friends and family, who were mortified to learn the 31-year-old former professional dancer was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure.

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Even more frightening for the people who love him, Kevin has refused to take medication to control the condition. Instead, the father of four is opting to keep the weight on until he can parlay a reality deal to lose weight on the small screen for a big paycheck.

“Kevin decided to not take the blood pressure medication or take time from his ‘busy schedule’ to take tests,” says a source. “He’s convinced that he can work a deal to get paid to lose weight….He says he won’t ‘lose weight for free,’ and he refuses to change his behavior until someone shows him the money.'”

“His latest scheme is to get a reality series with Britney as his personal trainer who whips him back into shape.”


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