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The Most Outrageous Celebrity Demands of Our Time


The contractual rider is a standard part of work for celebrities; it was originally designed to ensure that stars got a meal and something to drink as part of their appearance. However, as time has gone by and the cult of celebrity has increasingly gotten out of hand; celebrities have been cranking up their requirements. This list examines some of the most outrageous celebrity demands of our time:



The original Material Girl is every bit as material as the song she once sang. She’s supposed to require a 200 person entourage as part of her rider. That entourage is designed to cater to her every whim – they include yoga instructors, personal chefs and a legion of bodyguards. She’s also into floral arrangements but they have to be very specific – they must be lilies or roses and they must have their stems cut to an exacting 6 inches long. She also insists upon an on-site dry cleaning service so her costumes can be turned out perfectly once she’s worn them.

Jennifer Lopez


J-Lo may have the most delectable bottom in the history of pop music but her rider must drive venues insane. She’s apparently appalled by color schemes; there’s a blanket ban on the use of color anywhere in her private off stage area. That means she must have a white room, decorated with white flowers, furnished with white drapes and white couches. She’s also not a fan of cool water as the rider requires access to “tepid water”.



Morrissey who was in the eighties most influential band “The Smiths” appeared to lose the plot when he headed to the Vina Del Mer festival in 2012. He demanded that every single person who worked at the venue be herded into their offices and then be locked in – so that he wouldn’t have to encounter anyone below his “station”. He also had a jury member thrown out of the festival because he didn’t approve of the way the guy winked at the camera.

Weird Al Yankovic


When he’s not working on his “comedic” covers of artist like Michael Jackson (the song was “Eat it”) – he’s a huge fan of being badly dressed. His rider, whilst less demanding than many of the other artists on the list, required that each venue furnish him with a brand new Hawaiian shirt at every performance. Apparently, he dropped this requirement after collecting several hundred shirts.

Lionel Messi


Footballers can be prima donnas too. Lionel “Leo” Messi may be the world’s most beloved soccer player but that doesn’t stop him from going overboard when it comes to his personal demands. The Hotel Serena Suites was required to install a basketball hoop in the bedroom, to provide three Jacuzzis in the bathroom (one had to be cold, the others hot), a personal maid and a swimming pool heated to exactly 28 degrees centigrade.

Will Ferrell

394913 03: Comedian Will Ferrell speaks to the press about the "Stand Up for New York" benefit for the Twin Towers Fund September 25, 2001 in New York City. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Not to be outdone by the sports stars and pop starts of this world; acting talent likes to be overly-entitled when it comes to their demands of their employers. Will Ferrell may once have been a humble cast member on Saturday Night Live but once he started getting noticed in bigger roles; it was only a matter of time before his tastes became outrageous. His riders have included demands for “Janet Jackson style headphone microphones”, three-wheeled electric scooters (because a fourth wheel just won’t do), a rainbow mounted on a plinth and on wheels, wheeled stairs that he could push around which had to be exactly 6 feet tall and an artificial tree (we assume it was Christmas).

The Foo Fighters


Whilst some outrageous riders are clearly an issue with the size of the star’s ego; The Foo Fighters (led by ex-Nirvana member Dave Grohl) have a lot of fun with theirs. They deliver a bunch of coloring book pages about their food preferences (which are totally reasonable) along with a word search, traceable maze etc. and they are accompanied with instructions like “Colored pencils work best” and “Don’t cheat on the maze.” Our favorite line of the rider is “Chicks dig scars” which is wonderfully whacky without requiring a venue owner demean themselves for an overgrown child.

Kanye West


Well, you wouldn’t expect any less from the self-style lord of pop would you? Kanye West is clearly a touch concerned about his appearance as he demands: Carmex lip balm (two tubes no less), L’Occitane soap, Neutrogena’s anti-dandruff shampoo and their face scrub as well as Nivea Intensive Moisturizing Lotion. We’re really not making this up either – if anyone who drives West around wears man-made fibers; he’s allowed to leave.

Not content with demands for himself; West’s rider also contains clauses for his child. Baby North’s requirements include an $8,000 bed, a personal television set, all of her favorite movies on DVD and a personal chef.

Mariah Carey


Proving that ostentation doesn’t necessarily lead to classy behavior is Mariah Carey. She demands chilled Crystal champagne in her room but she also wants straws to drink it with (the entire Champagne region would be nauseous to learn this). She also wants somebody on hand dedicated to disposing of her chewing gum. The room she is in has to be at the precise temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The couches provided must be made of dark fabrics and carry no “busy” patterns. She also likes the place to be packed with vanilla aromatherapy candles.

Katy Perry


Our last outrageously demanding diva is Katy Perry. She’s so overboard about her “status” that her rider runs to an incredible 45 pages! In it she demands things like “two cream-colored egg chairs with a coordinating ottoman”. The refrigerator in her room must be glass fronted. She needs a staff member to wash fruit and vegetables for her. She’s also not quite grasped the precision of the English language where her drivers are banned from initiating any kind of conversation with her but are required to ask for instructions rather than making their own decisions.


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