Orlando Bloom Confirms That Miranda Kerr Is Pregnant (Kinda)

They managed to keep their wedding hush hush, and now it looks like Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are holding out on another big secret: A baby!

While the newlyweds have refused to comment on whether or not their nuptials were of the shotgun variety (ie” Miranda’s got a bun in the oven), Orlando accidentally let some vital info slip while the couple were on their honeymoon just recently, if Daily Mail tattletales are to be believed.

During their stay on the Caribbean island of Anguilla this month, Orlando “kept apologizing for Miranda being grumpy,” squeals one hotel employee. “He said she wasn’t well as she was pregnant.”

Guess we’ll find out soon enough if that’s true…A girl as skinny as our Miranda can’t keep a baby belly hidden for long!

Miranda’s fellow Victoria’s Secret supermodel and model mom of four Heidi Klum certainly believes reports that the Aussie Angel is with child: “I think she’ll be great! She’s very calm, a smart little cucumber that one, and she’ll do just fine. She’s a beautiful young lady who just got married, and they seem like a handsome couple. They’ll make a handsome baby, that’s for sure!” Klum said when quizzed about Miranda’s potential mothering skills.

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