Oprah Winfrey Rachael Ray Feud: “Oprah Is A Demanding Bitch!”

Things are far from “delish” between The Queen of Talk and mentee Rachael Ray. “Oprah is a demanding bitch,” celebrity chief Rachael Ray shrieked over dinner and drinks with friends. Television insiders are reportedly shocked by the hatred the pint-sized talk show has is showing towards her boss, the Queen of Talk Oprah Winfrey.

According to a National Enquirer report: “A friend commented to Rachael that ‘it must be nice to work for Oprah,’ but Rachael, who was drinking red wine, replied that Oprah was a demanding bitch!”

“It’s a war between Rachael and Oprah….Oprah thinks Rachael should be paying more attention to the show, but Rachael doesn’t want to hear it….Not only is Rachael is listening to Oprah, she’s dumping on her behind her back,” a spy revealed to The National Enquirer.

Not only is Oprah upset over the slide in ratings for Rachael’s self-titled Harpo-produced daytime talk show, O believes Rachael’s magazine, Everyday with Rachael Ray, is a direct attempt to compete with her own O Mag:

“Oprah believes that Rachael’s magazine is eroding her own circulation,” an Enquirer TV insider reports. “Rachael had promised Oprah that her mag would be primarily about cooking-but it’s a lifestyle magazine similar to Oprah’s.”

“She has been angry that Rachael hasn’t returned her phone calls and refuses to take her advice.”

And Rachael’s not the only Harpo hostess prone to public outburst:

“Oprah has vented against Rachael in the presence of her own show staffers…Oprah thinks Rachael’s days are numbered. Recently, while watching Rachael on the video monitor, she screamed at the TV, ‘You make me sick!'”

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