Oprah Winfrey Nearly Naked!

Here’s something we’d be perfectly content to go our entire lives without seeing….

Chat show queen Oprah Winfrey has been offered $500,000 to strip down to a two piece while filming her first and final episode of the exiting Oprah Show Down Under.

The billionairess, 56, is due to arrive in Australia Tuesday with hundreds of guests to film a special edition of her show. Winfrey could sashay off the plane and straight into a bikini when she arrives in Oz this week…if Australian men’s mag Zoo Weekly get their wish. And publishing bosses insists the offer is genuine. Zoo believes there’s nothing sexier than a powerful woman — and in the world of media, it doesn’t get much “Head Bitch in Charge” than the Queen of Talk.

Just ask the folks at Forbes.

“The offer is a serious one. We can pay the money to a charity of Oprah’s choice,” Zoo editor Paul Merrill told The Herald Sun Monday. “Men find power sexy, and Oprah is the most powerful woman in history. If she agrees, we think it’ll be the biggest-selling issue we’ve ever produced.”

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