On Trend Hair Colors for Blondes and Brunettes


Whether you’re a natural blonde or brunette chances are that you have coveted over a hair color trend in the past few seasons. We have seen gorgeous grays and bright pink tresses, pastel blues and purples, and even bright greens that manage to look so sophisticated. These new hair color trends that will work for virtually everyone. You may not even have to completely strip or bleach your hair to death to get that desired look of pure hipster goddess. Behold, the new do’s!

Often, those with very dark brown or black hair have to spend hours bleaching their hair to add in a trendy color like purples or blues. This overprocessing also leads to damaged, fried and broken hair which, is not only annoying but also completely unnecessary!

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Trend setters like Kylie Jenner have developed hairpieces that can be worked into your existing color to create dramatic transformations. These extensions clip into your hair and there is no need to damage your beautiful tresses. This trend is also versatile and can be switched up easily and as often  as you like.


Balayage, which is a French term meaning “sweep or paint,” is a subtle nod to the season’s past ombre look. Instead of a contrast between light tips and dark roots, the balayage “paints” lighter pieces of hair into your natural color.

The idea is to add a sun-kissed glow to your natural color. The process also leads to less noticeable regrowth so you can go longer between hair appointments, which is great on a budget. It also works great on any hair length or color. Stars like Rihanna and Jessica Alba have been sporting this on trend hair color.


The opal trend is meant to mimic the opal stone’s soft shimmering colors; it is a trend sure to be popular for a while. Opal colors focus on soft, blended pastels and work great on naturally light hair. However, be aware that some bleaching is necessary for this trend to work.

This trend is much more subtle than the rainbow colors we have seen for the past year and because the colors are already a bit faded, there is essentially less upkeep as the more faded the colors are, the more opalescent your color becomes. It’s also stunningly beautiful. 

The oil slick trend is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Picture an oil slick on the pavement: gorgeous subtle rainbow colors peeking out of murky black oil—it sounds much less pretty than it looks, we promise!

This trend is for you dark-haired beauties and is a subtle way to rock the “unnatural” color trend. The oil slick trend is also great for those who aren’t ready to go all-out purple or blue but want to try the trends in a sophisticated and understated way. As with opal, be aware that some bleaching is needed to get the colors to hold. 

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