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Meet Mick Foller, Justin Bieber’s Oldest Fan
posted by:Castina

Who says only people under 12 are at risk for catching Bieber Fever?

Meet 34-year-old Australian forklift driver Mick Foller. He’s such a big fan of pop’s banged Messiah, he’s gone and got his own personalized “Bieber” license plates.

Way to stick it to all the other Bieber fanatics who are too young to drive, mate! Pint-sized Biebs fans better watch out for this guy’s elbows at the next album release! Mick says he’s not at all embarrassed about his obsession with the tween sensation and doesn’t see anything odd about popping his fingers and singing along to hits like “Baby” and “One Less Lonely Girl.”

“I think Justin’s got bags of talent. Why shouldn’t I like his music? OK I’m not female and 16, but so what?” Foller told The Daily Telegraph this week.

Mick’s also a devoted of the popster on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

“I’ve downloaded all his tunes from iTunes. I’m one of his older fans but I like his stuff.”

What do you think PopCrunchers? Creepy much?

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