OJ Simpson’s Ex-Girlfriend Says The Juice Was Obsessed with Nicole Brown


Christie Prody, who dated accused killer OJ Simpson for 12 years before his arrest on armed robbery and kidnapping charges in 2008, says the former football legend was obsessed with his dead ex-wife, Nicole Brown.

In a new interview with television tabloid Inside Edition, Prody says Simpson mentioned Nicole’s name every day for more than a decade. Once, Juice even suggested the brunette go blonde so she would more closely resemble Nicole.

“He would constantly try to fix my hair, like if we were going out and part it over to a certain side and comb it down and he would make comments like, ‘This is how Nicole wore her hair.’ I mean I got so sick of it.”

Prody was 21 when she met the then-46-year-old Simpson and now acknowledges that he controlled her:

“It was very hard to deal with that every day, comparing me to Nicole. ‘Nicole did this; Nicole did that. You should do this, that’s what she did.’ I was young, and so he could try to shape me, mold me, into what he wanted.”

Simpson was acquitted in 1995 of killing his ex-wife and her friend Ron Goldman. But Prody claims he threatened her by referencing Nicole’s vicious stabbing during arguments:

“He would say things to me like, ‘You better watch out so something bad doesn’t happen to you like Nicole.”


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