Did Ohio State Fan Just Get Caught Cheating In Front Of Millions?


The Internet brings us another viral video.

During last night’s Alabama vs. Ohio State playoff game, ESPN showed video of, who we just found out is University of Miami graduate Kayleigh Lambert, seemingly consoling a young man, her boyfriend we presume (at first), sitting next to her by running her hands through his hair.

Then, suddenly, she looks to her right and realizes something, looking nervous, and stops petting the guy.

The Internet is going crazy trying to figure out who the couple is, why was ESPN filming them for 15 seconds, and what exactly did Kayleigh see that made her get all anxious.

Reddit has come up with a whole bunch of silly possibilities, and Gawker and Jezebel think that the she was caught with her side piece. .

Here is my theory along with the majority of us. The guy isn’t Kayleigh’s boyfriend. So when the girl notices she’s on the jumbotron touching this guy, she quickly stops touching him and gets all nervous and guilty looking, knowing that her boyfriend, watching the game at home no doubt, just noticed the two together.

According the the bleacherreport.com, who found the alleged Twitter account of a friend of Kayleigh’s, says the two are actually a couple.


And after watching the video over and over again you might just think that maybe Kayleigh is just nervous being displayed like that in front of millions of people. A couple fans around her seems to point out that they are being filmed. It could possibly just be camera shy.

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But here are my question, why is ESPN’s camera man so interested in these two people? How did he just capture the funniest moment in this girl’s life?


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