Oh No He Didn’t! Star Jones “Annoys” Anderson Cooper

Never piss off a queen! Star Jones has incurred the wrath of Anderson Cooper (*Shudder*) after the former View pundit accused the silver-haired newsman of revealing his (oh-so obvious) homosexuality in a last-ditch bid to increase ratings for his self-titled talk show.

Anderson came out in an email to a journalist friend, who posted the letter online, earlier this year. Star famously branded the move as a cheap ploy to boost ratings.

And that charge makes Andy a very unhappy boy.

Cooper was shooting a segment of Anderson Live with Bravo boss Andy Cohen when he lit into Jones:

“I was unaware she was even on TV still…but she apparently shows up on a morning show. Out of the blue Star Jones said this was a ratings ploy by me to boost ratings. If I was wanting to boost ratings, I would have waited to announce it on ‘A Very Special Episode’ that would have been promo’d for weeks and weeks and there would have been commercials ‘Anderson’s Huge Announcement.’ I seem to recall her hocking her wedding every single day to get free products when she was on The View…”

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