Oh Mylanta! Did James Franco Try to Pick Up a Teenager on Instagram?


What in the name of Jerry Lee Lewis?!

Hooking up with celebrities is a lot easier than you’d think…either that or Tuesday was Lucy Clode’s lucky day. The Scottish blonde, just 17, was in the Big Apple celebrating her upcoming (emphasis on this) 18th birthday and she had her eyes set on meeting her celebrity crush, actor James Franco.

Little did she know, James was ogling her too. A little fact that’s left the hunky film star with some serious ‘splaiin’ to do.

After tracking down the star following a performance of his Broadway play Of Mice and Men, Clode took her chance meeting with the actor as a prime opportunity to post a selfie for her Instagram followers. The innocent selfie quickly escalated into a private Instragram chat, during which Franco repeatedly flirted with Lucy.

The exchange featured Franco peppering the young beauty with questions of great importance. For instance, “Do you have a bf?,” “Where are you staying?,” “What’s your #?” and perhaps most importantly, “You’re 18?”

Clode and Franco then took their exchange to the next level and began exchanging text messages. Franco didn’t waste any time trying to lock down a time to meet, “Tomorrow or thurs?” he wrote during one of the now viral exchanges.

The conversation came to an abrupt halt only when the level-headed Clode decided to call things off.

“I’ll come back when I’m 18,” she wrote. Franco creepily replied, “Don’t tell.”

You smooth talker, you! R. Kelly would be so proud.

The images of the exchange between Franco and 17-year-old Clode were promptly leaked via Imgur and the damage was done.

The following day, after news of the exchange hit social media, James Franco vaguely addressed the incident with a tweet, which has since been deleted:

“I’m not! I hope parents keep their teens away from me. Thank you.”

It’s worth noting that Franco’s upcoming film Palo Alto (a trailer for which was conveniently released the very same day of the Clode affair), has the Oscar-nominated actor playing a soccer coach who ends up seducing one of his players (played by Emma Roberts).

Anyone wanna connect the dots?


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