Where, Oh Where, Is Casey Kasem?

Where in the world is Casey Kasem? The family battle over the ailing radio icon got even stranger in a Los Angeles courtroom Monday, after Kasem’s grown chidren told a judge that their father is missing and has possibly been transported out of the country.

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Kasem, 81, is suffering from advanced stage Parkinson’s Disease. The Kasem kids — Keri, Julie and Mike — have complained for months that they’ve been prohibited from seeing their father at the instruction of Casey’s wife or more than 30 years, Jean Kasem.

Keri believes a recent visit with Dad prompted Jean to have the one-time Top 40 host removed from the California medical facility where he’d been receiving treatment.

The younger Kasem told TODAY Tuesday:

“She couldn’t, in my opinion, stand it, ripped him out of the facility he was getting care in…If anybody has seen him, if anybody knows his whereabouts, please call the police, please help us … Facebook, Twitter, whatever, just help us find our dad. He needs to be in a proper medical facility, not in a car or on a plane, crossing state lines or out of the country.”

During Monday’s hearing, Judge Daniel S. Murphy ordered a court investigator to locate Mr. Kasem. He also appointed Keri the executor of her father’s affairs.

There are at least two conflicting stories about where the broadcasting trailblazer might be now: An Indian reservation in Washington State or out of the country altogether.

Craig Marcus, who represents Jean, argued that the Mrs. has every right to relocate her husband as she sees fit.


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