Official Trailer Released For New Robin Williams Movie: Boulevard


The world lost a great man when we lost Robin Williams to his depression late last year. Soon, viewing audiences will have the opportunity to see Williams in one more dramatic performance when Boulevard is released. Boulevard is one of four movies that, at the time of his death, Williams had performed in that had not yet been released.

Of those, Night At The Museum: Secret of The Tomb and A Merry Friggin’ Christmas, both comedies, were released in the months following Williams’ death. One more comedy, Absolutely Anything, will be released in August. However, while Robin Williams is a star in his comedic roles, he’s also brilliant and beautiful in dramatic roles, and this movie is bound to be a bittersweet treat.

Check out the trailer below.

The story centers around Robin Williams’ character, Nolan — a devoted husband who never intended to let his marriage fall apart. One day, he picks up a young man walking down the street, and his whole life changes.

Nolan is tangled in something he can’t bear to lose, and he begins lying to his wife to hide it. However, there’s only so much strain a double life can take before everything starts to fall apart, and Nolan is forced to not only confront his identity himself, but to introduce his wife to his true identity as well.

The trailer is a snapshot of a man going through a crisis as his acceptance of himself causes things to tumble down all around him — we have a peek at changes in his marriage, his job…and in the new relationship that started the whole series of events. The tear-jerking short clips leave us anxiously anticipating the full movie.

Boulevard, starring Robin Williams, hits theaters July 17.

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