Octomom Nadya Suleman Facing Charges of Welfare Fraud

More trouble for Nadya Suleman. The notorious Octomom has been charged with welfare fraud by Los Angeles County prosecutors, according to reports.

A Jan. 6 court filing states that the mother of 14 failed to declare $30,000 in income after filing for welfare in 2012. The unreported earnings stemmed from personal appearances and residuals associated with adult videos Suleman was featured in early last year.

The investigation began in June. The Los Angeles County Department of Welfare Fraud Prevention and Investigation took steps to seize Suleman’s bank records and other financial documents after receiving a tip that she had collected welfare, despite allegedly grossing more than $200,000 in 2012.

She is facing one count of aid by misrepresentation and two charges of perjury by false application for aid. If convicted of all charges, Suleman could face a maximum sentence of five years and eight months in jail. The media mom is due in court this Friday.

Suleman was catapulted to pop culture infamy when she gave birth to the world’s first surviving set of octuplets in 2008.

She’s been crippled by debt ever since.

Suleman’s La Habra, California home was foreclosed on in 2012. She was later evicted from a home in Palmdale, California for falling behind in her $2,950 rent. Since their last move, Octomom and her kids have been living in a five-bedroom house in Orange County, but that arrangement could soon be coming to an end.

The property is a former halfway house for recovering alcoholics. Tim Chapman, owner of a rehab center where Nadya did a stint for addiction to Xanax last year, recently sold the house where he let her live rent-free. Nadya’s new landlady, Lana El-Jor, has been lobbying to have the Suleman brood removed from the property, arguing that she has been unable to refinance the home because the family is living there.

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