Obama Bear-Hugger Scott Van Duzer Facing Boycott

A Florida pizza shop owner says he’s facing a boycott because he couldn’t curb his enthusiasm when President Barack Obama and his campaign tour stopped in for a slice over the weekend.

Scott Van Duzer, 46, became the talk of the Interwebs after an image of him hoisting the Commander-in-Chief into mid-air went viral. But the big press hasn’t exactly turned into bigger business for the registered Republican — who voted for Obama in 2008.

“People are saying a lot of bad things and boycotting my restaurant,” he told Politico Tuesday. “There’s no middle line anymore, and that’s exactly what’s wrong with our country right now.”

Van Duzer’s effort in promoting blood donations was part of the reason the campaign decided to visit his pizza shop. The activist has biked 1,148 miles in 31 days from Florida to Washington D.C.to help raise awareness for blood donation shortages.

His Van Duzer Foundation, founded in 2008 to support a local firefighter whose house burned down, has raised more than $600,000. He’s also rode with a few kids from the Boys and Girls Club and met with U.S. Surgeon General Regina M. Benjamin to discuss blood shortages.

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