Scores, NYC Strip Club, Offers Tiger Woods $1 Million Endorsement Deal


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As Tiger Woods’ billion dollars in endorsement deals linger in limbo, at least one New York City gentlemen’s club is ready to take a chance on the decade’s most-decorated athlete. Scores NYC is offering the golfing pro $1 million to endorse their establishment as the new Human Resources Director!

Management at the Manhattan establishment made the odd offer in an open letter to Tiger, which in part reads:

Dear Mr. Tiger Woods,

…..As we recently re-opened under new ownership and management, SCORES would be honored to have you endorse our club and be employed by us as our Human Resources Director, for which, we will offer you a fee of $1 million. We would also like your help in the design of a new room, to be dedicated as the “Tiger Woods Room.” We believe that you have the knowledge and expertise to succeed in this role, should you accept this offer. We look forward to your response.

Somehow, we don’t think Tiger will be interested!


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