Nutty Madam’s “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” Reaction More Entertaining Than The Trailer

And today’s “Hoe, Have a Seat” Prize goes to…Those of you familiar with YouTube “Celebrities,” The Twilight Saga, and reaction videos need no introduction to the amazingness that is Nutty Madam.

The rabid Twilight fan, who according to the Internet is actually Emma Clark, 24, shot to Internet fame in 2008, after she posted a video of her hysterical reaction to viewing the trailer for the first Twilight film. Four movies in, she’s still going strong. Her reaction video to Twilight: Breaking Dawn, part one of the series finale, is as shrill and freaky as ever!

Can you imagine what would happen if she met R-Pattz in the flesh?! Why is this girl allowed to wander the streets without medication?

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