Eliot Spitzer Playgirl Magazine Nude $1 Million: Eliot Spitzer Naked Playgirl Magazine

(This is an Official Brain Bleach Moment) Spitzer hooker Ashley Alexandra Dupre isn’t the only one in the New York Governor Sex Scandal auctioning off her naughty bits to the highest bidder. Shamed former Gov. Eliot Spitzer has been also received a $1 million job offer: this one is an opportunity to pose nude in all of his aging balding glory in an upcoming issue of Playgirl Magazine. (No, they weren’t kidding.)

Playgirl posted this Open Letter to Eliot on it’s Official Website on Wednesday:

Dear Eliot,

It’s not fair. We’ve been watching you; and we’ve seen how you’ve been crucified by the mass media, conservatives, and Republicans. We’ve stood by as your call-girl was offered $1 million by Hustler to show the world what she’s already been showing the world for a whole lot less.

We think you’ve had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. But we’ve been thinking.

Your political career is sadly over; and you owe a lot of money to a lot of people. Hell, you may land in jail before too long. So consider this letter a brief note of urgency.

How about making some loot back, by showing us what you saved for such a select few? How about strutting your sexuality, and defending your right to get down? Couldn’t you use a little rent money right about now?

Seriously—get in touch with us. We’re ready to make you a very attractive offer. Someone get Spitzer on the line: Playgirl needs him naked, now.

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