Now That Trevor Noah Is A Public Figure, Let’s Comb His Tweets For Bigotry

Trevor Noah is the new host of The Daily Show. Are you bothered by his jokes?

Trevor Noah is, as you probably know by now, replacing Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show. His twitter feed, as you can imagine, is suddenly getting more attention than ever. A side effect of this is that everything he’s ever tweeted is being picked apart — and it isn’t all coming out in a favorable light.

Trevor Noah’s list of film credits is relatively short, and much of the audience may not be overly familiar with him. Now, as they page through his tweets over the last six years, some are learning they’re uncomfortable with what they find.

Is the pratfall the lowest form of humor? Perhaps — but the simple fact is, people still love to laugh at the misery of others, and at mockery. Sometimes, there’s a fine line between a teasing, friendly sort of mockery, and the painful, inappropriate stuff. Sometimes, it could only be called a ‘fine line’ in the sense that the Grand Canyon might be called a little crack in the dirt.

In Trevor Noah’s case, anti-Semitic jokes and ‘fat chick’ jokes seem to be a staple — and that’s true enough of a large percent of all comedians. What’s widely done, though, isn’t the same as what should be accepted. So, check out a selection of Trevor Noah’s tweets below, and see whether you think he owes his public a big apology.

Most of the jokes that are getting the strongest feedback, though, are older ones. There aren’t many ‘fat jokes’ or ‘Jewish jokes’ in the past year or two. Maybe they just weren’t getting the laughs, or maybe Noah changed his mind about including those.

There is still some questionable humor, though, such as this joke about the sexual violation of leaked private photos:

Still, most of Trevors tweets today look more like this:

and the jokes are more like these:

This leaves us with the question: Is Trevor Noah getting burned for jokes he isn’t even doing anymore, or does he still need to shape up his act?

TELL US: Is Trevor Noah’s humor too offensive for The Daily Show? Does he owe an apology and explanation for inappropriate jokes?

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