Not-So-Blind Items

Nothing gets my morning started off better than some good old fashioned blind items, courtesy of Page Six:

– WHICH desperate housewife (not from the show) who lives with her well-born, wealthy husband in New Jersey just bought an apartment off Fifth Avenue? She uses the pad for rendezvous with her lover of three years, a married exec with a financial services giant.

– WHICH Tinseltown sex siren with a humanitarian streak has resumed her old habit of dabbling with heroin? She paid a recent visit to an old rock star friend and joined him in narcotic stupor.

– WHICH married-with-children network anchorman is in trouble again with his wife? Someone tattled, and she learned he misbehaved with a comely co-worker at the office Christmas party.

Wanna play? Send us your nominees and get in on the game.

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