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Not one decent photograph of Matthew McConaughey’s abs!!!


/images/placeholder.gifI have a bone to pick with you World Wide Web.
After 30 minutes of searching I can’t find one decent picture of Mathew McConaughey’s washboard abs.
What good are you?

There’s no benefit to having the world at your fingertips if you can’t get the picture, story, West Wing episode or porn you need right that second. Plenty o’ pictures of ‘Sahara’, which looks like a terrible movie (but I’ll still watch it on Movies on Demand). Plenty o’ pictures of those Stetson ads he made, which are hot but a little to country boy for me. I realize he IS a country boy that chews tobacco and gets into shit launching contests with this brothers. Also, plenty o’ pictures of screen shots from ‘Dazed and Confused’ (VERY cool).
But when I want to see his abs I want to see them now!!!
This picture will just have to do.


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