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North Carolina Girl Says Her Family Is Under Attack For Exposing Abuse By CPS, Foster System, Other Government Agencies


Is this young woman's family under attack for exposing abuse in the CPS system?

In a strange case out of North Carolina, a 17-year-old girl says her family is under attack by law enforcement because she poses a threat to Child Protective Services, as she plans to expose the abuse and neglect she faced in foster care, after being removed from her father’s care in what she calls a kidnapping.

Let’s get some important details straight first: due to privacy laws, and the involvement of a minor, there is virtually no chance of hearing the other side of this story from CPS. There is no statement regarding the reason this teenager was initially taken into state custody, other than that from her own father and another anonymous source. These missing details are certainly important to any final judgment on the whole story.

That said, here is Felicia Cheyenne Davis’ side of the story, starting with her recent YouTube video, in which she pleads for someone to contact her dad, Randy Scott Davis, in jail, and let him know she’s alright, and for legal aid from anyone who can help her.

Now, let’s look at how this story — or at least this chapter — began.

In February of last year, Randy Davis spoke with a reporter for WRAL, about a situation regarding local tribes and mismanagement of government funds (to the tune of $700k as of 2010) that apparently disappeared without ever reaching the intended recipients.

He believes his family came under attack for exposure of corruption in that case. Less than a month later, it seems that child welfare checks began on the household. A person who elected to remain anonymous told her side of the story on CopBlock. She says there were five checks in a period of 30 minutes, and that they originated because Felicia’s mother had made a phone call after hearing that Davis was acting, in her words, “crazy and out of his mind and that it is worse than before.”

The visitor, her son, Randy, and Felicia reportedly left the home after being told they were not being detained. However, a short distance down the road, they were stopped. A video of this was uploaded to YouTube, and you can see it below. Be warned, it’s loud, and may be disturbing. It’s also dark, and it’s hard to be sure what’s really going on — but taken at face value, it seems to show officers refusing to give information, and instead taking the then-15-year-old Felicia into custody.

A few weeks later, Randy Scott started a https://api.change.org/p/nc-governor-mccrory-demand-sampson-co-dss-release-my-unlawfully-and-unconstitutionally-abducted-daughter-cheyenne-davisto ask that NC Governor McCrory demand the release of his child by social services, but the petition closed with little attention. Davis also notes that there have been similar issues in the past.

Now, Felicia says she was returned to her father, after time in two abusive and neglectful foster homes. She says that a judge found no evidence she had been neglected or abused in her father’s care. She began releasing a series of videos detailing the abuse she says she faced in foster care. A ‘trailer’ of sorts for this is below.

Now she has passed her 17th birthday, and her father is again in custody, as of March. She’d like someone to get word to him that she is okay, and is in hiding. She feels sure that her family is under attack for exposing the abuse she says she faced under CPS care.

Randy Davis’ YouTube channel carries numerous other videos of interactions with CPS and police throughout this case, which he claims demonstrate corruption and misuse of power.

Without the other side of the case, it’s impossible to be certain whether his family is really being persecuted for exposing corruption and abuse.

The only things that are certain are as follows:

  • Felicia is intelligent and well-spoken, and shows no outward signs of long-term abuse or neglect.
  • She doesn’t want to return to foster care.
  • Her mother (whose call got this ball rolling) is apparently not an option for placement, since she was placed in foster care, rather than with her mother, previously.
  • At 17, with legal assistance, she could likely apply for emancipation instead.
  • No recent convictions for a Randy Scott Davis appear in North Carolina Department of Corrections’ Public Information Database.
  • Sampson County Detention Center lists his charge as ‘obstructing justice.’ His court date is May 11.
  • A young woman is in hiding out of fear.

Whether or not the family is truly under attack for exposing abuse, fraud, and corruption, this is a teenager who deserves to be attending high school, dating, thinking about colleges and jobs, and otherwise living a normal life.

Steph Bazzle
Steph Bazzle is a homeschooling mom who likes to write about justice, equality, and religious issues.

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