No, Sarah Jessica Parker Was NOT ‘Attacked’ By Her Bodyguard [VIDEO]

On Wednesday night, reported that during a promotional trip to Russia, Sarah Jessica Parker’s local bodyguard “ripped his shirt open and leaned in to smooch the actress as she was leaving the venue” and that “a video of the encounter shows the star screaming as [he] corners her.”

Perez calls the incident “so scary!” And yeah, it would be scary — if it were true. But about 15 seconds of research using the Google proves it is not.

Hilton cites a site that in turn cites Britain’s Daily Record as the original source of the story, although the tale did get more and more “scary” as it was repeated. Because that’s what gossip does.

The Daily Record mentions there’s video of the SJP/bodyguard encounter, so it seemed rather odd it wasn’t included in the story. I ventured out to find the video, and did — less than a minute later. It’s below, and it pretty much contradicts the more tabloid-friendly aspects of the story.

The truth (as reported by E! Online) is the guy acted kinda inappropriately, but he didn’t “rip his shirt off” and SJP was never in “terror.”

But that’s not nearly as much fun to report, is it?

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