No More “Hannah Montana” Movies


Miley Cyrus has disappointed her young fans by insisting she won’t be starring in any more big screen adaptations of Hannah Montana.

Hannah Montana: The Movie, which follows a normal high school girl leading a double life as a popstar, will premiere in theaters released later this month, but the Disney teen idol who rose to fame playing the role has downplayed the chances any other ventures onto the big screen for the character.

In an interview with E! Entertainment on Tuesday, Miley said: “We were really lucky to have enough material to make one movie. To do another one takes away a lot of the reality. Normal high schoolers see Hannah’s blonde wig and say, ‘That’s not reality’.”

“We’re all doing a season three, and we all wish to do a season four. So I don’t know if I would do another film, but we would love to do another season.”

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