No means no: Dirty Dancing lovers need to give up hope for a sequel

In a recent interview with the London Times, Patrick Swayze talks about life, acting, and his dislike of “crappy” sequels.
Dirty Dancing
In 1994, Swayze turned down a $7 million offer to star in a sequel to 1987’s Dirty Dancing because the script was terrible. “If the sequel had not been a stupid, formulaic piece of junk, I probably wouldn’t have turned down a fortune,” said Swayze. “Same with ‘Ghost.’ Whoopi, Demi and I had to turn it down.”

Even if he wanted to do a sequel, at this point it’s probably just a bad idea. Swayze is 53 years old and most of his frame was rebuilt with titanium after being paralyzed in a 1997 horseback riding accident. “I am the new $6m man,” says Swayze. ” I trigger alarm bells on metal detectors.”
Something tells me it just wouldn’t be the same.

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