No Love Lost Between Jennifer Aniston Brooklyn Decker

Tabloid Gossips believe they’ve got the real hot oil on why Jennifer Aniston took a pair of shears to her hair, sending the Web into a frenzy — last month. Could the fab fortysomething have signed up for a Big Chop so she could steal the headlines back from her 19 years younger, swimsuit-model-turned-actress co-star Brooklyn Decker?

The beautiful 23-year-old had all eyes on her during the world press tour for the pair’s Adam Sandler-assisted comedy Just Go With It and Jen was having none of it, a loose-lipped informant tells London’s Daily Star. First Angie steals her man, then this whippersnapper takes her press? Ain’t happenin’!

“It was totally a last minute decision. Jen knows the minute she does anything different to her hair she will make all the headlines, and she was sick of reading stories about how she’s been upstaged by Brooklyn.”

There’s no love lost between the pair, say those who had the misfortune of being positioned between the two warring blondes on set. We’re not saying any names, but the phrase “washed up control freak” was reportedly tossed around.


“In Jen’s opinion you have to earn your rights in Hollywood. This is Brooklyn’s first movie but she’s acting like she’s the biggest star out of all of them. Jen even gave her a bit of a talking-to after one junket, but Brooklyn just shrugs. She thinks she’s got the world at her feet and Jen should just bow out gracefully now.”

Brooklyn wasn’t the only source of estrogen giving Jen a fever as she filmed her latest rom-com. Just last month, reality star Heidi Montag — who makes a cameo appearance in Just Go With It“tearfully” reacted to dish that Aniston had had her banned from the film’s Los Angeles premiere.

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