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No end to Britney Spears’ feet stories


A video from god knows when is circulating about Britney Spears’ foot fettish. Apparently she likes to have men kiss her feet.
Well there’s a shocker.

Just ask Justin Timberlake or her first husband – jim-bob whatever his name was from podunk highschool back home. They’ll tell you that she doesn’t go just for the garden-variety niceness from a guy. /images/placeholder.gifOn your knees now! The most obvious example is lap-dog and husband Kevin Federline whose only job appears to be kissing her feet. Thanks for the bling Britney baby – take off your shoes. And just when you thought she’d done enough in recent months to freak people out. She has YEARS ahead of her to reach Madonna level crazy. But there’s no stopping her – she’s jumping in with both feet. Pun intended.

I think it’s ironic that a woman who likes to have her feet kissed also likes to go into public restrooms barefoot, and was asked recently to put her shoes back on because of the stench. I don’t care who you are Mrs. Federline, I don’t think anyone in the world wants to go near your feet. Ever.


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