Nintendo Cartridges Turned Into Flasks? Ink Whiskey Has You Covered

Nintendo Flask from Ink Whiskey

Do you like to play Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) drinking games? Then you will love Ink Whiskey. Started on Kickstarter, the company aims to turn NES game cartridges into whiskey flasks.

The individual booze-filled flasks are made to look like recycled Nintendo cartridges. The plastic flasks are modeled after popular 90s era games. For example, buyers can pick up “Tetriquilla,” “Ninja Dry-Gin” and “FineAle Fantasy.”

The project was started by Matt Cornell way back in 2013, and his creation is now being sold on ThinkGeek for just $20 per flask.

The Nintendo Cartridge flasks from Ink Whiskey have already sold out for “Legend of Drink” and the $85 “Collector’s Pack” that comes with five health potion liquor-filled cartridges.

If you like to drink discreetly from a flask, this Nintendo inspired project probably isn’t for you. If you want to show off your geek-pride while getting drunk, then you MUST own an Ink Whiskey product.

You can check out all of the Ink Whiskey flasks HERE.

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