Nikki Sixx Denise Richards Split

Nikki Sixx and Denise Richards are no longer doing it.

Nikki, 52, and Denise, 39 — neighbors — sent the blogosphere into overdrive when they began casually dating early last month. But spy types tell Us Weekly that romance has gone belly-up almost as quickly as it began.

Thankfully, we won’t have to worry about either party ending up on Zoloft or boiling any bunnies: according to insiders, the romance was never that serious.

Translation: They were only doing it.

“It’s crazy how this is being made out to be some big breakup. They were never exclusive or serious to begin with! I could count on my hand how many times they went out. They decided to try it and she was not interested. That’s dating! This isn’t some big, dramatic split.”

The Motley Crue bassist previously dated tattoo artist Kat Von D, while Denise hasn’t been attached seriously since rebounding with Richie Sambora following her trouble-laden union with drug-addled actor Charlie Sheen.

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