Nicollette Sheridan “Ellen” Interview: “I Don’t Like Ryan Seacrest!”



Wow…this hasn’t been Ryan Seacrest’s week. First, the radio/television personality was snubbed by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at last weekend’s Golden Globes. Then he became the butt of a blogosphere comedy fest when he foolishly tried to high-five a blind man on Tuesday’s Season Premiere of American Idol 8. And now this…

Desperate Housewives Nicollette Sheridan stopped by the The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday and revealed that she detests the pint-sized American Idol frontman.

“So, you’re dating David Spade?” Ellen asked. “He’s a good friend of mine. He hasn’t told me that he’s dating you.”

“That’s because we’re friends,” Nicollette told Ellen. “We’re not dating.”

“Friends with benefits?” Ellen pressed.

“Oh…Do you see us together?” Nicollette replied.

“I don’t know, I just see you together,” Ellen retorted.

“What about Ryan Seacrest?” Ellen probed

Then it was Nic’s turn to retort.

“That’s gross,” Nicollette replied

“Why? What do you mean?” Ellen asked. “Do you know Ryan?”

“I’ve met him. I did his radio show and he was very rude about me the next day.”

“What did he say?” Ellen asked.

“It was nasty,” Nicollette said of Ryan’s alleged comments. “Yeah and untrue. Yeah, I don’t like him.”


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