Nicole Scherzinger Nude Photos Surface Online?

Dancing With The Stars champ Nicole Scherzinger is threatening legal action over raunchy XXX-rated snaps that popped up on a series of adult-themed websites, featuring a woman puported to be the stunning brunette in various compromising positions.

While the Pussycat Dolls frontwoman has posed for provocative photo spreads — two of which were featured on the pages of Maxim and Blender Magazines — Nicole insists she’s not the girl poised seductively in the porn pix circulating on the web.

The “livid” Hawaiian-born singer, 31, is emphatic that the pictures were photoshopped to display her head on another woman’s body — and she’s furious that they’re threatening her “image” and pending wedding to British race car driver Lewis Hamilton, tipsters divulge to The National Enquirer.

“Nicole is humiliated and outraged. She intends to take legal action and force the sites to take these things down,” blabs a spy, who describes the photos as “gross and disgusting.”

With the pic snafu sending Nicole into a panic, her boyfriend Lewis has reportedly pumped the brakes on the couple’s fall wedding.

“Lewis realizes that the photos are not Nicole and he’s been extremely supportive, but he’s suggested slowing down the wedding schedule from fall until winter when this scandal has blown over.”

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