Nicole Richie To Tila Tequila: “Get Away From My Joel!”


Tila Tequila took “a shot” at the wrong woman’s man.

We hear Tiny Tila was treated to a super-sized tongue lashing from socialite Nicole Richie after the bisexual MTV star was spied putting the moves on Nicole’s longtime boyfriend.

Nicole is currently expecting her second child with Good Charlotte star Joel Madden. And that’s precisely why she was none too pleased to find Tila rubbing her Laffy Taffy all off Joel at a party in the Hollywood Hills on Feb. 22.

“As soon as Tila saw Joel, she ran up to him and started acting super flirty-grabbing and hugging him,” a spywitness told The National Enquirer.

“Nicole had her back turned,” the insider continued, “But when she realized that Tila was all over him, she ran up and yelled, ‘Joel..JOEL!”

Nicole pulled Joel away to the couple’s table, but that wasn’t a big enough of a hint for Tila, who continued pursuing Joel in the presence of her pregnant companion. When she tried approaching Joel a second time, all Hell broke loose.

“That was the last straw for Nicole. She got right in Tila’s face and screamed, ‘Back off and get out of here.'”

Tila stood her ground for a few moments, but left the affair red-faced with shame once she realized Nicole’s outburst had made her the laughing stock of the party.


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