Nicole Richie “Terrified” Of Going To Prison

Herpes Hilton insiders are dishing that Nicole Richie has been confiding in America’s resident racist hotel heiress that she is terrified that the December DUI incident that sent her driving on the wrong side of the road will ultimately send her to prison.

“She was really freaking out. Paris kept telling Nicole not to worry, that everything was going to be fine,” the snitch dishes.

Nicole is a recovering Smack addict and has a previous DUI charge from 2002- California law states that a repeat offence carries the mandatory jail sentence of five days.

If convicted, the daughter of former Commodores leader Lionel Richie would have her driving license suspended for one year and be ordered to attend an alcohol education programme for a year-and-a-half, even if the second conviction is not alcohol-related.

Howard Weitzman will represent Nicole on the DUI charge-last month, H.W parlayed Paris Hilton a deal to do no jail time on a similar driving while impaired offense.

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