Nicky Hilton Robbed — Nicky Hilton Home Burglary

Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton

The Beverly Hills home of socialite Nicky Hilton was burglarized on Tuesday, according to series of furious Twitter updates from her older sister Paris. “It’s unbelievable how my sister called the cops over an hour ago and they still haven’t shown up. Her house just got robbed, so messed up,” an angry Paris fumed around…

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No Lindsay Lohan LAX Nightclub Las Vegas New Year’s Eve


Lindsay Lohan will not host a New Year’s Eve party at LAX Nightclub Las Vegas, a rep for the club claims. “We only know that Paris and Nicky Hilton are hosting the NYE party at LAX, and as far as I know they’re the only hosts.”

Paris Hilton Hires Mr. T For Nicky Hilton Birthday Party

The Hilton heiress pity the fool who doesn’t love The A-Team. Paris Hilton has hired Mr. T, who played BA Barachus on The A Team,for a guest appearance at kid sister Nicky’s twenty-fourth birthday party in Las Vegas on Friday night.

Nicky Hilton And David Katzenberg Engaged?

Paris Hilton’s twenty-three year old kid sister Nicky Hilton is considering a second walk down the aisle with clothing designer BF, twenty-four year old David Katzenberg.

Nicky Hilton Jealous Of Post-Jail Paris Attention


Star Magazine claims Paris Hilton’s kid sister Nicky is fed up with the treatment Paris has received from family and media since being released from jail and has fled to Toyko to avoid her big sis.

Cameron Diaz And Nicky Hilton Pop Each Other’s Zits

A drunk Cameron Diaz knocked back so many shots at Teddy’s in Hollywood on Wednesday night that she had to be escorted home (There’s one way of getting of Justin). And Wednesday night at Teddy’s isn’t just popular for the drink specials; zit-popping is also tops on the menu.

Paris And Nicky Hit Teddy’s

Paris Hilton hit up Hollywood hotspot Teddy’s on Thursday night will younger sister Nicky in tow. Was Teddy’s having a KKK Convention?

Nicky Hilton Sued By Chicago Real Estate Developer

Twenty-three year old Nicky Hilton along with her manager Paul Fisher are being sued by Robert Falor Investments and Grand USA Hotel Supply & Restaurant for breach of contract over a delayed hotel renovation project.