Nicki Minaj Sets Vevo Record with “Anaconda” Video

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The masses turned out in droves to watch an amply-endowed Nicki Minaj squirt whipped cream on her pectoral muscles in the sexually-charged and highly-controversial “Anaconda” video. The reigning Queen of Hip-Hop smashed Vevo’s record for the most-views earned in a 24-hour-period, the website has announced.

The blush-worthy, Sir Mix-a-Lot-inspired “Anaconda” promo premiered early Wednesday morning and by Thursday afternoon had already been viewed 19.6 million times. It’s a distinction that shatters the one-day record Miley Cyrus set when she appeared naked in the equally-controversial video for her single “Wrecking Ball.” “Wrecking Ball” pulled in 19.3 million views in its first full day of release last November.

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